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  • Save the Poor Youth.

    Help rebuild Tigray, Ethiopia after invasion and genocide.

  • Save a Life.

    Give the gift of life and water with your support.

  • Save Ethiopia!

    Make an everlasting impact.

Helping children in Tigray, Ethiopia

Tigray, Ethiopia MAY 20, 5 P.M.

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Become our organization supporter and help impoverished people gain their basic needs.

Hands Across the Planet to Poor Youth addresses top issues creating poverty within any given country. Presently, our efforts in Tigray, Ethiopia focuses on potable water distribution and sanitation, Pre-K to 12 education for orphaned children, and medical clinics to support almost 10 million people throughout Tigray. These efforts will deliver basic human needs so they can continue to develop their nation.

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Our causes

Helping children in Tigray, Ethiopia

Every child in our school is orphaned and cared for. Yet, there are many more children that want to attend our school. Your donation assists with building a bigger school so we could do just that. Our children receive an education with an equivalency of K-8th grade. We further assist with their placement for continued learning all through selecting college. We appreciate your donation to support for class, school supplies, computers, and other supported materials.

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Our Team

We have a highly experienced team that is enthusiastic and passionate about various humanitarian efforts. Would you like to join us for our cause?

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Hands Across the Planet to Poor Youth (H.A.P.P.Y.) is dedicated to ensuring a better quality of life for all disadvantaged children by providing them with a chance of healthcare, higher education, and purified drinking water. We are further commited to accomplish these specific tasks in regions of the world where war, hunger, drought, and poverty have claimed the quality of life for many people. H.A.P.P.Y., Inc. will develop strategies to advance the mission of making these areas self-sufficient.

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