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Johnny Maravelis

Sr. Full Stack Web Developer


Johnny Maravelis is from a small town near Boston, MA. As a child, Mr. Maravelis naturally excelled with working on computers. By the age of 10, he already built his first website, complete with fully optimizing it on the web.

Also the artist, in the same year, Mr. Maravelis wrote a poem, "The Eagle Watches" that was selected by the American Bald Eagle Foundation, with the intention to inspire their volunteers to save the Bald Eagle, which was an endangered species at the time. During High School, he also helped run campaign efforts for Toys for Tots and Coats for Kids.

One day, Mr. Maravelis had the crazy idea to hop on a plane and head to California with only $300 in his pocket. He had no job, no school, and no place to live for his own. Yet, something came out of nothing. He was accepted to Chapman University through the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, where he earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts and graduated Magna Cum Laude, during the Great Recession.

After losing count of how many jobs he applied to (somewhere around 3,000+), Mr. Maravelis decided to start a business, Phoenix Afterglow, a top web development company based in Irvine, CA. Mr. Maravelis enjoys building businesses and organizations through the development of websites, apps, and other internet-based ventures. He furthered his education and earned his Full Stack Certification through the University of New Hampshire. Since the inception of his company, Mr. Maravelis has enjoyed clients from small businesses, to sole proprietors, to celebrities, dignataries, and large businesses including, but not limiting to, Ford Motor Company, SoCal Ford Dealers, Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Sony Online Entertainment, PlayStation Now, NoFear, and the Knights of Columbus.

Mr. Maravelis has been volunteering and supporting his time for Hands Across the Planet to Poor Youth since 2005. His countless hours assisted in the fundraising of many sizable contributions for H.A.P.P.Y. When asked why is he so passionate about helping others he explains, "Besides being that it's the right thing to do, I remember the times as a child when I wished a hero would come to save me, my single mother, and my brother. But that hero never came. So what do you do? It's simple — you become that hero."

I remember the times as a child when I wished a hero would come to save me...but that hero never came. So what do you do? It's simple — you become that hero.
— Johnny Maravelis

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